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About Us

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Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach is a psychotherapists based out of Boca Raton, Florida.

Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach was established in 2006. Dr. Michail, the lead psychotherapist, is highly proficient in a range of therapeutic and counseling techniques.

Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach was established in 2006. Dr. Michail, the lead psychotherapist, is highly proficient in a range of therapeutic and counseling techniques. Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach was established in 2006. Dr. Michail, the lead psychotherapist, is highly proficient in a range of therapeutic and counseling techniques.

Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach involves working with the mind, body, and spirit in an effort to create a sense of happiness and peace with yourself and in your relationships.

Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach, also has extensive experience in many additional areas including gay/lesbian couples, individual therapy, family therapy, adolescents' issues, anger management, addiction/codependency, grief and mourning, and trauma.

Nirvana the Therapeutic Approaches passion has always been helping our clients improve their level of happiness and peace in life. Whatever your issues may be, we're here to help you get through them and get you to where you want to be in life and in your relationships.

  • specializing in couples/relationship therapy
  • a unified therapeutical approach
  • focus on mind, body, and spirit
  • My passion is your happiness
  • improve happiness and peace in life
  • I am always here to help

Meet The Therapist

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Dr. Manal Michail, LMFT

Manal Michail has been in practice for over 20 years working with couples, families, individuals and children on a wide range of issues. The approach is simple, direct and focuses on both consistent progress and results. Results that become the building blocks and foundation that enable clients to function, cope with, and overcome their issues and move beyond roadblocks to a fulfilling life. Manal began her education at Boston University where she graduated and from there continued her education at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University; before the renowned Drexel University in Philadelphia. She specializes in working with couples marital issues.

In addition to University education, she has further undergone training in the Gottman Workshops; Working to assist in relationships last. Coaching couples to become better at being friends, how to manage conflict constructively, and ways to support each other’s goals.

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Our team of seasoned psychotherapy experts offers a wide array of treatments for a number of issues. The fields we specialize in include:

Couples Therapy

Do you feel like the romance in your marriage is long gone and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back? Do you feel like your relationship is stuck in a dead-end spiral, and you don’t see a way out? Maybe you feel like your partner is just not paying enough attention to your needs or to what you're saying? Don’t despair, you are not alone. Many couples have reported the same dissatisfaction with their relationship. We offer a solution to these woes through specialized couple’s therapy in Florida.

Working on the Problems, Step By Step

The foundation to any good relationship or marriage is learning to listen as well as to speak. When working with dissatisfied couples we focus on resolving any past issues you may have had so that we can start working on improving your future. We help you deal with conflicts, stressful issues and define the boundaries in your relationship. These skills will help solidify the bond that two loved ones share but believe to have been lost forever.

Every couple is a story in itself, which is why we never offer the same advice and utilize the same approach on different couples. Our psychotherapy sessions are tailored to deal with your specific relationship problems and resolve them. It's important to be aware that the more rooted the source of your problems are, the more time and effort it will require to bring your relationship or marriage back on the right track. But with a little patience and our expert counseling, we will get your love life back in balance.

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Even if your marriage is at its peak, couples counseling can help weed out any issues piling up under the surface before they begin to manifest into serious issues. Why wait until it’s too late when you can work on your communication and empathy while your relationship is still in bloom.

Gay/Lesbian Couples

Every couple is different from one another, which is especially true for LGBT couples. The problems these couples have to deal with are the same as any heterosexual couple: financial concerns, bad communication, relationship roles, intimacy and more. But these couples have the disadvantage of having to build their relationship and work through all of these issues in a world that is known to be cruel to those who dare to be different.

This is probably why homosexual couples seek counseling sooner and more often than heterosexual couples. Our team at Nirvana the Therapeutic Approachknows how to identify and work on the most common problems that gay or lesbian couples face. Whether you are faced with in-laws’ homophobia or homophobia in general, different sex-roles, coming out and making your relationship public or concerns about your future together, our team of seasoned psychotherapy experts will help identify and work on your problems.

Expert Gay or Lesbian Couples Therapy in Florida

Most gay couples are reluctant to schedule an appointment with a couples therapist because they are afraid that they will be met with judgment or hate. Rest easy, with over 45 years of combined experience, we have worked with numerous LGBT couples and understand the problems you are facing. We will strive to create a relaxed and empathic atmosphere in order to make you feel comfortable in detailing your issues and working on resolving them.

What We Can Do For You

As professional psychotherapists, we are aware of the constant pressure forced upon you by the outside world that sometimes lacks understanding. We believe that a same-sex marriage can last despite all of these pitfalls, and have witnessed the resilience of same-sex couples first hand. This determination is the solid foundation upon which you can build a healthy relationship.

Relationship Therapy

Whether you are just at the beginning of your relationship or have been together for many years, couples can vastly benefit from relationship therapy. Being in a relationship is not just a combination of being friends and sexual partners, but so much more. The bond that connects the couple is both powerful and fragile at the same time. When we enter into a relationship we develop a shared identity by investing a part of ourselves. This helps provide any relationship with intimacy and security. Maintaining a healthy relationship can be the most rewarding or the most challenging experience. Luckily, we at Nirvana the Therapeutic Approachare here to help you through the tough times.

The Downfalls of a Relationship

While a healthy relationship is the most wonderful thing in the world, many couples discover that their relationship is not all that it seemed to be at the beginning. Maybe you do not work as well together as you initially thought, or your partner is not who you imagined they were. In order to keep the rocky relationship alive, most couples adjust unwillingly or try to reshape their relationship, but that doesn't usually work.

Get Relationship Counseling in Florida

The key to keeping a relationship healthy is addressing problems as soon as they appear. Sometimes all you need to help you evaluate and fix your situation is relationship therapy guided by an expert. Our expert therapists are here to help you get to the core of your problems and uncover any subconscious demons that are slowly but surely eating away at your relationship. Seeking professional help may seem like a big step, but it will be worthwhile when you emerge from the experience better, both as a couple and as individuals.

Individual Therapy

Are your inner demons getting the better of you? Are you going through a rough patch in your marriage or relationship? Are you struggling with bad friendships and family relationships? To put it simply: are you unhappy with where your life is going and feel like there’s no one who will understand what you are going through?

Why Seek Professional Help?

While your friends and family might provide emotional support, they might not understand exactly what you are going through and try to help you with a bunch of white lies or by telling you to “just stop being depressed.” It may be difficult to express some of your hidden desires or share profound childhood experiences with the people you know, fearing their judgment. This is why we often talk to people we’ve met for the first time in much more depth and without restraints. Why rely on the bartender or the taxi driver when you can get quality professional help?

From time to time we need professional support to cope with the overwhelming issues that life throws at us. You can benefit immensely from the guidance provided by a licensed psychotherapist. With over 45 years of combined experience in helping people cope with various life issues, our skilled experts will help you piece together the puzzle that is your life, and pick up the pieces so you can walk out a better, more satisfied individual. We know that every person has a different story, which is why we are here to listen to yours and help you figure out where you want to go.

How Individual Psychotherapy Helps?

Getting professional help can be a hard step to take, but our friendly therapists will be there to guide you through every step of the process at the pace that suits you best. We ask the right questions and help you gain the insight which will lead to long-term improvements. After our sessions, you will walk out stronger and ready to face any challenges life throws your way.

Family Therapy

Family is one of the most precious things in life. The relationships within your family play the biggest role in determining what kind of person you grow up to be. However, relationships in a family can go sideways from time to time, shifting as every member grows up and changes, and some family members may find it too difficult to cope with these changes.

A fully functioning family is recognized by a good balance of spending time together and time apart. This ensures that the family environment is flexible and warm, helping families through tough times and protecting them from unhealthy relationships.

The Best Family Therapy Program in Florida

With the help of seasoned professionals at The Psychotherapists of Palm Beaches, you will get a better grasp of the mechanism of your family members and learn how to keep that mechanism oiled and running smoothly. We'll help teach you how to respond and deal with your issues, rather than unintentionally overreacting to various emotional triggers. You'll learn to create a family relationship that is more open, intimate and honest which will lead to happier family life.

Good Parenting is the Key to a Healthy Life

Is your child depressed, anxious, or struggling to fit in? Are your children dealing with problems at school, such as bullying or other issues? How do you respond to their emotional distress?

Our expert psychotherapists often stress the importance that healthy parenting has in your children’s future lives. We provide advice on how to help your child with their problems and get them to open up when they are emotional, rather than keeping everything inside which can lead to serious emotional scarring. Well-balanced parenting will help your children grow into emotionally healthy individuals.

Adolescent’s Issues

Psychotherapy is not reserved just for adults. In fact, adolescents can vastly benefit from professional help during this rough, transitional period. Whether your child is struggling with problems at school, with violence, being bullied, breaking up with their first love or peer pressure, we are here to help your teen through the toughest time in anyone’s life.

Some adolescents need help coping with their feelings on family issues, particularly if they are going through experiences such as a divorce, a move, a terminal disease or the loss of a parent. Through adolescent psychotherapy, we strive to build up your child’s self-esteem and improve how they communicate and form relationships. We help your adolescent child deal with stress in a healthy manner, build a strong personality and improve their emotional strength.

Empowerment through Communication

When a child reaches adolescence they are faced with significant challenges. The key to their healthy development is found in strengthening the bond between them and their parents during this transition. Your child might face different challenges than someone else’s. For example, love woes might drain your child of energy and make this period tougher for them. It is important to establish a trust bond between the parents and the child so that they know that they can rely on their family for any issues they face.

Substance Abuse in Adolescents

Because they are just learning to cope with issues on their own, adolescents are prone to substance abuse which is only made worse by peer pressure. If your child is exhibiting early signs of alcohol or drug related issues, the best course of action is to seek professional help. Our skilled psychotherapists will help them see the dangers of substance abuse and help them deal with stress in a healthier way. Through identifying the factors that led to substance abuse, we are able to help them cope with whatever family or relationship issues they are struggling with and help them emerge stronger.

Anger Management

Anger is a fundamental human emotion linked to the earliest stages of our evolution and crucial to our survival. Feeling angry is a completely normal response and is a natural defense when we come under attack or are frustrated, as it helps ease off the energy and tension that builds up in these situations. However, some people exhibit anger excessively which can be viewed as a symptom of deeper underlying issues. When unchecked, anger can be destructive and can ruin a person’s relationships, career and their quality of life.

Anger problems often develop due to poor emotional management. It's a result of chemical and psychological triggers in our body, and it affects our heart rate and regulation of adrenaline. Some people may exhibit anger in a destructive and even addictive manner. If you or your loved one feel like your anger is getting the better of you, it may be time to seek professional help.

Venting Anger

Humans express their anger through aggression, which is a key survival mechanism as it triggers the “fight or flight” instinct. This primal instinct allows as to defend ourselves when we are attacked. Nonetheless, venting anger whenever we are irritated is considered socially unacceptable. People who don’t learn to cope with their anger can be off-putting and extremely critical towards others. Furthermore, they can come off as irritable and grumpy, which can largely affect their relationship with their family, spouse, and friends. This way of venting their anger can vastly hinder their quality of life if left unchecked.

Seeking Anger Management in Florida

Our anger management sessions are designed to reduce the negative feelings that develop as a side-effect of anger by addressing the underlying issues and helping individuals recognize what triggers their rage. We will help you address the unhealthy beliefs about anger you may have inherited from your family or developed due to bad communication with those closest to you.

If you accept and recognize these problems, you can help yourself ease off the anger and use it in a healthier, more productive way. We will help you identify and deal with frustrations at an early stage so that they don’t develop into anger triggers. Through anger management you will emerge a healthier and more empowered individual, with better control over your emotions.


Addiction or codependency is a disorder where an individual sacrifices their personal needs to meet those of others. It is often linked to passivity and shame, low self-esteem and insecurity. The term is associated with the behavior of a person whose actions revolve around a particular individual or object. While codependency is not a mental health condition, it can significantly impair one’s quality of life. The people suffering from codependency strive to gain the approval or validation of a friend or more commonly an intimate partner. More serious disorders like depression, anxiety and substance abuse can develop from codependency, which is why it is best treated at an early stage.

How Codependency Develops

Codependency most commonly develops early during childhood. If a child is constantly encouraged to satisfy others, he or she will neglect their own needs and can become addicted to validation. If a child experienced neglect or grew up with an abusive parent, the parent-child roles are reversed which leads to the development of codependent behavior. These patterns later translate into their adult life.

Codependency and Addiction Therapy in Florida

Codependency can prove to be a challenge to face alone, as these patterns are adopted early in life and reinforced over long periods of time. Taking care of your codependency issues will result in healthier relationships, decreased anxiety and higher self-esteem.

Our friendly therapists will help you find the underlying cause of this behavior and help identify any addictive tendencies. We will help you resolve them by helping you understand what kind of emotional experience led to them developing in the first place. Codependent individuals can also benefit from group therapy sessions with individuals sharing similar problems, but individual therapy is available if you are uncomfortable working in a group setting.

Grief and Mourning

Losing a close friend or family member is one of the toughest challenges to face in anyone’s life. Losing a spouse, parent or a sibling can lead to extremely intense emotions. The shock of losing someone may overcome anyone, often leading to long periods of sadness and depression. While sadness may be quenched with time, grief and mourning are much more complicated states that may require professional help. Everyone reacts differently when it comes to losing someone, and everyone has their own way of coping with the said loss.

Overcoming Grief and Mourning

With enough social support, most people overcome grief on their own. However, there’s no norm when it comes to grief. There is no expected time to recovery and distinguishable stages. Grief is not an exact science. If your relationship with the deceased was plagued by problems, grieving can become all the more difficult to cure. While most humans learn to deal with grief and mourning in time, some of us need a helping hand to get them through this tough time. Reaching out to a psychotherapist to help you battle grief is nothing to be ashamed of.

Seeking Professional Help

If you or anyone you know is suffering from grief that is negatively reflecting on their quality of life, contacting a professional might be the best way out of this black hole. The professionals at Nirvana the Therapeutic Approachare skilled in helping people handle grief and mourning and all the symptoms related to these conditions. We will help you become resilient and develop personal strategies that can help you get through the grieving process. As everyone experiences grief differently, we will develop strategies tailored to your needs and at your own pace. Group therapy and family therapy are strongly advised for those suffering a major loss as hearing individuals with similar stories can be empowering to those feeling alone in this pain.


Trauma represents the state of an individual whose mind and body have been overwhelmed by a traumatic event or series of events. The events in question lead the patient to question their fundamental beliefs, causing them to feel socially disconnected and numb. Suffering a trauma can lead to isolation and substance abuse. It can also progress to more serious mental health issues if not addressed properly.

Causes of trauma can vary: from family abuse, traffic accidents and catastrophic events to violence, terminal illness, and physical injury. The symptoms vary from individual to individual but often include flashbacks, insomnia, social anxiety, depression, emotional detachment and more. If you recognize any of these symptoms in a loved one that has gone through a major trauma in their life, it is best to contact a reliable professional for help.

Seeking Professional Help

If you or someone close to you has recently gone through a traumatic experience, however big or small, professional help will make sure that the trauma doesn’t develop into a more serious health issue. Seeking help as soon as you feel the need will make sure you can overcome any scarring the traumatic event has left and move on with your life. If you or anyone close to you is going through the following experiences, seeking professional help is highly advised:

* Inability to function on a daily basis
* Inability to maintain and form relationships
* Self-medication or substance abuse
* Vivid Flashbacks
* Emotional Numbness
* Severe episodes of Anxiety and Stress

How Psychotherapy Helps Treat Trauma

Identifying and contemplating the negative thoughts that lead to unpleasant feelings and hinder the patient’s life quality is the first step towards overcoming these trauma-induced symptoms. The therapist will discuss how the patient interprets everyday situations in regards to the trauma they experienced. The therapist will introduce several self-help techniques such as relaxation, proper breathing, blocking negative thoughts and assertiveness.

Sex Therapy

Are you and your partners sex life how it used to be? Have you lost your sex drive? Nirvana the Therapeutic Approachworks with all aspects of sexuality and specializes in women’s issues (painful sex, post menopause, pre/post pregnancy concerns, low libido, etc), couples with mismatched sex drives and LGBTQ concerns. Nirvana the Therapeutic Approachfollows a unified approach to psychotherapy, with a specialization in helping couples nurture inner relationships with their spouse or significant other. Sex Coaching is designed to help women, men, and people of any sexual orientation or gender address their concerns about sexuality, sexual function, and sexual expression. Coaching sessions are available by phone, Skype (international coaching is offered) and we also offer in office sessions.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a cognitive behavioral treatment developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD, ABPP. It emphasizes individual psychotherapy and group skills training classes to help people learn and use new skills and strategies to develop a life that they experience as worth living. DBT skills include skills for mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT was originally developed to treat chronically suicidal individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It is now recognized as the gold standard psychological treatment for this population. In addition, research has shown that it is effective in treating a wide range of other disorders such as substance dependence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and eating disorders. (From Behavioral Tech, A Linehan Institute Training Company http://toppillcaremarket.com/)


The Psychotherapists of the Palm Beaches offer Tele-Therapy! Tele therapy allows us to meet in the comfort and safety of your own home. Tele Therapy is the new and innovative way to bring physical therapy right to your living room. Teletherapy, also known as online therapy, e-therapy, or video therapy, is therapy delivered through a virtual platform via a phone or computer. If you’ve ever used FaceTime or Skype, it’s essentially the same thing – except more secure and with a qualified therapist or counselor at the other end instead of a distant friend or relative. Teletherapy has been around since the 1990s in the United States and is considered a highly effective method for therapy delivery.
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Here are just some of the many clients we've helped.

"Thank you! You saved our marriage. I truly appreciate ur help."

Carol, 43

Lakeworth FL

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David, 36

Boca Raton FL

"I truly am grateful for all your help in my relationship"

Linda, 30

Lakeworth FL

*Names and photos have been changed for client confidentiality reasons.


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Nirvana the Therapeutic Approach offers individual and couples therapy. See the relevant packages.

We're also proud to introduce our two new packages for couples and individuals: dietition counseling for $125 and sex coaching for $150.

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